Beverage industry

We manufacture a wide range of equipment in the beverage industry.

Beverage processing is an essential branch of the food industry that encompasses a wide range of products. We offer design services, equipment production and after sales services.

According to the request of the Buyer, before making the offer, our engineers go to the location and record the existing situation, after which we offer a proposal with all the existing input parameters implemented; we make a so-called custom solution.

The basic division of beverages is reduced to alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and our area of activity in the preparation and production of the same is as follows:

Beverage production line

  • equipment for receiving, storing and distributing crystal sugar
  • equipment for the reception, storage and distribution of liquid sugar
  • sugar dissolving equipment (continuous and discontinuous) with pasteurization
  • equipment for dissolving and dosing concentrates, components and simple syrup
  • equipment for making final syrups and ready-made drinks
  • pipeline connection of equipment
  • CIP-single-line and two-line
  • electrical equipment and automation for semi and complete process control

Filling and packaging lines

Line dismantling, transport, installation, service, maintenance, reconstruction, training and service for all.

Production of equipment within the line

  • air transporters
  • articulated conveyors
  • belt conveyors
  • others..

Pasteurization stations

Tubular, plate, with and without decoration, for cold and hot fillings: fruit purees, clear and cloudy drinks, nectar, juice drinks, teas, syrups ...

Beverage mixers

  • multipurpose, of various capacities
  • for deaeration and carbonization of water
  • for deaeration, carbonization of water and dosing of syrups and carbonated beverages
  • for water deaeration and syrup dosing - still drinks - with and without inert gas protection
  • electrical equipment and automation for semi and complete process control

Energy equipment inside beverage bottling plants

  • cooling systems
  • hot water and steam systems
  • high and low pressure air systems
  • piping
  • electrical equipment and automation for semi and complete process control

Heating, cooling and ventilation systems

  • production and storage facilities
  • office space
  • clean room


Development of complete conceptual and implementation projects for bottling plants for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

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