Chemical industry

We manufacture a wide range of equipment for the chemical industry.

Sinitech Industries' product range includes a wide range of complete lines in the chemical industry, as well as individual equipment and machines. The equipment is made of carbon structural steels and high-quality stainless steels, with the most modern technology known on the market today, in order to meet all customer requirements.

Vessels (tanks) 

Sinitech Industries produces various tank sizes as standard, from 30 l up to 10,000 l, and larger on special request. Vessels can be without pressure or under overpressure or vacuum. They are made, according to customer requirements, with or without a coil (double sheath) for heating or cooling. Due to the need for technology, the tank can be equipped with a mixer and a motor reducer, in standard or "Ex" design.

We especially emphasize REACTORS with a volume of 100 L up to 20,000 L, equipped with a mixer with a motor-reducer, made in the "Ex" version.

From the field of chemical industry we produce:

  • shampoo vessel (1000 l)
  • tanks and mixers for liquid raw materials (tanks for: polymer, silicate, additive, fragrances ...)
  • vessels for powdered raw materials (vessels for colored ganules and enzymes; vessel for antifoam, vessel for premix; vessel for taed)
  • falconry tank
  • belt conveyors
  • defoamers
  • washing vessels
  • reactors

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