Processing of milk and whey powder

Solutions for mini-dairies and large industrial plants.

In addition to individual equipment and facilities in the dairy industry, Sinitech Industries also offers fully automated complete "turnkey" milk processing plants with an emphasis on milk and whey powder production lines. We make lines and equipment for large dairies and also for small factories for milk processing, the so-called mini-dairies with a capacity of 100 l / day to 5,000 l / day.

Production program in the field of milk processing

  • Receipt of milk
  • Pasteurized milk
  • Fermented milk products
  • Production of hard and semi-hard cheeses
  • Production of soft cheeses
  • Milk powder production
  • Production of whey protein powder
  • Production of various types of yogurt and table cream
  • Butter production

In the field of milk processing we offer:

  • Mechanical-technological design of complete family and industrial processing in accordance with legal regulations
  • Complete equipment for dairies from family farms to industrial plants
  • Individual dairy equipment
  • Lactofreeze
  • Continuous pasteurizers
  • Plate heat exchangers - multipurpose (heater / refrigerator / pasteurizer)
  • Batch pasteurizers (duplicators) - various (double-walled containers with or without stirrer) from 100 to 5,000 l
  • Schulenburg vessels / tubs
  • Cheese presses
  • Whey containers
  • Milk containers - various freestanding, vertical, cylindrical, with spiral thermal chamber and insulation (supplied with all necessary equipment and connections) from 100 l to 15,000 l (on special request up to 100,000 l)
  • CIP stations
  • Butter churns
  • Milk transport tanks

The history of the processing of milk in Croatia began in 1959, when the company Jedinstvo in Zagreb concluded a contract on long-term cooperation with the Danish company Paasch-Larsen for the production of dairy equipment parts. This included the production of individual stations and apparatuses and, after a period of time of acquiring experience, the company began to design and develop its own complete production facilities and auxiliary equipment.  

In 1968, it opened a dairy in Karlovac with a capacity of 50,000 liters of milk per day and a wide variety of products, such as milk, cream and yogurt, and condensed and evaporated milk. The dairy in Karlovac was the first one that was completely design and built by Jedinstvo.  

In 1972, it intensified its development of technology for the manufacture of powdered milk and emphasized the design and production of equipment for that purpose. The result was the opening of production lines in Županja, Karlovac, Zagreb, Veliki Zdenci, and many other places. In addition, the technology for processing of whey was perfected in 1980, and a complete production line was put into operation for the evaporation, drying and crystallization of whey in Veliki Zdenci. The facility was completely designed in Jedinstvo.  

In the 1980s, technologies were developed for processing of milk into highly valuable feed for calves by substituting basic components such as milk fat and proteins with nutritional additives and much cheaper ingredients, such as vegetable and animal fats and soy proteins. In addition, a process for drying media with 50% fat into a powder and many other technologies were developed in theSinitech Industries engineering department.  

Today, in addition to equipment and facilities for the dairy industry, Sinitech Industries also offers completely automated lines for the processing of milk according to the "turnkey" principle with an emphasis on production lines for milk and whey protein powder.

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