Food industry

We manufacture a wide range of equipment in the food industry.

The added value achieved by processing in the food industry, along with the pharmaceutical, chemical and oil industries, forms the basis of economic growth and stability in most countries in the world. 

The development of food and beverage processing technologies has improved the final products in terms of quality and longer shelf life as well as persistence and resistance to contamination caused by various factors. 

Sinitech Industries d.o.o. with leading engineers with over 35 years of experience in designing and manufacturing various plants for the food industry, together with a team of young, educated and ambitious engineers, offers process solutions that meet the highest product quality standards, following European and world trends in the food industry. 

In addition to standard solutions for individual machines or complete lines on a turnkey basis, we also offer custom solutions made according to the existing condition if the equipment is implemented in an already built factory. 

If you have a request of any kind from the domain of the food industry, feel free to contact us! We will react in a very short time with a proposal that will be the result of optimizing the projected budget and technical-technological requirements specific to the subject processing.

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