Pharmaceutical Industry

We manufacture a wide range of equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

Sinitech Industries' product range includes a wide range of complete lines in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as individual machines and equipment. Equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, with the most modern technology known on the market today, in order to meet all customer requirements.

In pharmaceutical industry we can offer:

  • product transport container / vessel (1000 l)
  • purified water tank
  • demi water tank
  • clean water intake tank
  • air mixer
  • pressure filters
  • vacuum filters
  • non-powered conveyors
  • solvent mixer with volume from 500 l to 6000 l
  • multi-purpose square containers
  • tank for transporting 96% ethyl alcohol
  • methanol tank
  • deionized water tank
  • wastewater treatment plant
  • ion exchange column

Vessels (tanks)

We produce various tank sizes as standard, from 30 l up to 10,000 l, and even larger on special request. The tanks can be without pressure or under overpressure * or vacuum. They are made, according to customer requirements, with or without a coil (double sheath) for heating or cooling.

Due to the need for technology, the tank can be equipped with a mixer and gear motor, in standard or "Ex" version.

Essential oil production line

Essential oils are easily volatile liquids obtained from plant material by various physical processes. They are characterized by intense and characteristic scents due to which they are mostly used alone, as ready-made products, or as raw materials for the production of other fragrant substances.

We produce relatively simple plants, which are universal for the production of different types of essential oils. At the request of the investor, the plant can be automated to a high level.

With these plants in the production of essential oils from plant materials, Sinitech Industries allows you to achieve the best possible utilization with the best possible product quality and minimum energy consumption.

The technological process of obtaining essential oils by steam distillation, developed by experts from Sinitech Industries, is the simplest way to obtain various essential oils from rosemary, lavender, laurel, chamomile, pine twigs and the like.

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