Drying, as one of the basic process operations in the conversion of various media from solid and liquid state to powder, takes place in special dryers designed in accordance with complex thermodynamic calculations.

Dryers are used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and we adapt each design to the specifics of each branch for which we design the plant.

Solutions we offer include spray dryers with rotary disc or with spray nozzles . The basic criteria for choosing a dryer concept are the physical and chemical properties of the medium we are drying.

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The development of drying technology in Croatia began back in Zagreb in the 1950s in the company Jedinstvo. In line with developing technologies and the gradual mastering of all challenges placed before the design team, the company developed technological equipment for the chemical and food industries. Chronologically, the first projects were for individual drying machines, which then adapted into the development of a complete technological process for the processing of a range of media.

After the 1950s, when production was launched for chamber atmospheric dryers, rotary vacuum dryers and fluidization drying systems, in the early 1960s, Jedinstvo began to produce spray dryers for the drying of inorganic matter, by spraying the medium via nozzles. A special group was established within the company to design the technological operation of this drying system, which resulted in the independent design and building of complete dryers, and the creation of highly specialised expertise. Very soon afterwards, parallel to the development of milk processing technology, the company began to produce spray dryers for the drying of food media using a centrifugal spray system.

All this is an important part of the tradition of developing the drying technology in Croatia, and an important part of the history of the drying process, even at the global level. The main part of the Sinitech Industries design team, having attained their first experience with drying technology in Jedinstvo in the 1980s, now works together with our technology development department to educate new generations of engineers through ongoing training. This has placed us among the few global companies that offer the design and construction of process equipment in the field of drying technology.

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