Vacuum cookers of various designs are used for mixing, cooking and evaporating viscous media in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. By cooking in vacuum at lower temperatures, we achieve the desired characteristics of the treated medium, such as a certain density and homogeneous structure, without affecting the chemical composition of the medium.

In this way, we have preserved all their nutritional properties in the products of the food industry, which makes them of better quality with the intensity of color, smell and taste.

Vacuum cooker versions

Vakuum kuhaci 300x200

Vacuum cookers can be designed as individual devices, and depending on the capacity and types of products, we perform them as a whole consisting of two or more devices connected to the associated condenser, vacuum pump, piping and pumps for transport of finished product.

The bottom of the vacuum cooker with a thermal chamber can be made with a torispherical floor, in a conical shape or as a hemisphere. The choice of one of the above three options depends on the viscosity and structure of the product.

We adjust the final performance to the customer's requirements and product processing technology.


Area of application

Vacuum cookers are used to batch concentrate sticky and viscous media. They are used in the production of marmalades, jams, ajvar, ketchup, mayonnaise, soups and ready meals, various dressings and toppings.

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