Sinitech Industries d.o.o. is a team of highly expert, experienced designers who will design for you a project of individual machines or lines in a process industry, and we are particulary proud of stations for washing of the process equipment ( CIP / Clean In Place systems ).

Type: circulation volume
Make: single-line and multi-line
Control: PLC
Control organisation: CIP station enables washing of equipment out of one place. The station is completely automated, controlled by the PLC system out of the belonging operative panel. PLC system enables control in automatic and manual work.

The program organisation enables the choice of :

  • CIP line ( the first, the second line... )
  • washing objects ( reservoirs, technological units, pipelines... )
  • types of programs ( washing with alkali, acid, disinfection, complete washing... )

It is possible to watch and check the program on operative panel.

Program organisation:

  • pre-washing
  • washing with alkali
  • rinsing
  • washing with acid agent
  • rinsing
  • rinsing with hot water
  • cooling
  • disinfection
  • final rinsing

The program enables changes of:

  • washing programs
  • time, temperature, quantity and concentration per steps within the program
  • the sequnce of stages within the program

It's important to know

  • Each course will be defined according to the necessary circulation volume. The same volume will be base for dosing of washing agent in order to support the concentration during the washing process.
  • Dosing is done by the indication of the conductibility at the return pipeline. At the end of the washing cycles, returns go to the reservoirs, a channel or a return reservoir, depending on concentration.
  • The washing agent is prepaired in CIP reservoirs.
  • Belonging circulation pumps are frequently operated and their capacity depends on the choice of circulation flow.
  • Containers with washing agents, as well as the disinfectant reservoir, are placed on the belonging tank.
  • Dosage pumps ensure dosing both for the first and second CIP.

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