The consequences for human health caused by contamination of food and beverages with microorganisms can be very harmful and consequently, the hygienic conditions in food factories are clearly defined.

Furthermore, in beverage factories there are production parts of lines that serve to fill the finished beverage into packaging. Since at a certain moment it is filled into the packaging, the drink is exposed to external conditions, the air must be of extremely high quality. Quality is achieved by a precisely determined amount of air and the number of changes in the same unit of time, with the main prerequisite that the area in which the drink is filled must be physically separated from the rest of the production space.

These parts of production are separated by setting the so-called. clean rooms that we offer on a turnkey basis, which includes design, manufacture, installation on site and commissioning.

So far, we have built over 30 clean rooms, most of which are installed in the Coca Cola Hellenic system and are designed in accordance with the strict hygiene requirements of the CC Hellenic company.

The concept of Clean Rooms

The entire structure and roof are made of stainless steel (welded and bolted), while the side walls are made of tempered glass 10 mm thick. The design is made in accordance with the static calculation. Drainage channels are underground (upper point at floor level); with siphon. Lighting with xenon or halogen lamps. Ventilation dimensioned for a minimum of 15 air changes per hour; F9 to H13 HEPA filters.

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