Fruit and vegetable processing

Machines and complete lines for processing fruits and vegetables from the temperate and tropical zones.

Sinitech Industries is a company that is focused on equipping fruit and vegetable processing facilities, and reconstructing and upgrading segments of existing systems.
In such complex projects, we perform technological and engineering design and construction, consulting, building of equipment, assembly of equipment, commissioning, employee training and, finally, maintenance of the constructed equipment.

Should your project require equipment that Sinitech Industries does not manufacture, our engineers can assist you in selecting the best option from the range of equipment available on the market.

Thanks to our experience and tradition in the design and construction of equipment that we nurture here at Sinitech Industries, and the team work of our highly qualified experts in the field of production, we offer machines and complete production lines for the processing of different types of fruit and vegetables from both the moderate and tropical climate belts.

The best known tropical fruits are the citrus fruits, pineapple, mango, guava, banana and passion fruit.

Fruit processing lines:

  • clear fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates
  • cloudy and pulpy fruit and vegetable juices
  • fruit aromas
  • syrups, jams and marmalades
  • ketchup and ajvar relish
  • various canned fruits
  • various forms of baby food
  • preserved peas, beans, pickles, pickled peppers and other pickled vegetables
  • candied fruit
  • tomato seeds
  • raisins
  • mashed potatoes, French fries and potato flakes

Products and Equipment

  • mini lines for fruit and vegetable processing
  • apple washing system, consisting of: platform with transport rollers, washing basin, conveyor for removing apples from the pool and conveyor for drying
  • root vegetable washing machine
  • hazelnut container
  • fruit mill (from 200 kg / h)
  • fruit distillate tanks
  • line for the production and packaging of boiled apples
  • apple canning and spraying machine
  • in-line electronic vacuum cover detector
  • station with vacuum cooker (1000 l) intended for: mixing, dosing, pasteurization, vacuum degassing, thickening
  • labeling
  • containers for finished beverages and syrups, with mixer and fittings (from 30 l to 10,000 l)
  • liquid sugar station
  • a cell for dosing simple syrups, concentrates and components
  • concentrate pasteurization station 10 l / h
  • wastewater treatment systems (400 m3 / day)
  • fruit and vegetable candy stations

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