Tomato processing lines

Complete lines for processing tomatoes, from receiving to filling the finished product.

Tomatoes are always best when fresh and ripe. We offer a production plant that ensures that preserved tomatoes, in any form, are just as good. Tomato processing generally provides a number of high quality food products, the most common of which are tomato concentrate, ketchup, tomato juice and pelati tomatoes.

Tomato Processing Line Processes

  • Reception and washing
  • Fruit picking
  • Fruit disintegration
  • Hot or cold procedure
  • Fruit puree
  • Concentration by evaporation
  • Sterilization
  • Filling the finished product

Continuous tomato concentrate line 50 - 800 t/day (entry raw material)

In order to achieve a standard percentage of dry matter in the concentrate from 28 to 30%, the classic evaporating method is applied in an evaporating plant: in the 1st stage with a higher temperature and lower vacuum setting, in the 2nd stage with a lower temperature and higher vacuum setting, and an exit temperature of 45°C. In order to achieve 40% dry matter in the concentrate, the counterstream drying method is used, where the concentrate exits the 2nd stage at a temperature of 75°C. For a capacity of 500 t/day of entry raw material or more, the evaporating plants consist of three stages. 

For the condensation of saturated steam (Bruden steam) in the evaporating plant, we apply (as required) barometric, semi-barometric and ejector water-current condenseurs, in which condensation is achieved through direct mixing with chilled water, while retaining constant vacuum achieved using mechanical and ejector steam-current vacuum pumps. 

For cooling the chilled water, we deliver cooling towers and complete cooling systems, depending on the specific climatic conditions in the area where the production line will be installed. When the concentrate requires cooling, the pasteurisation line receives an additional cooling section.
Depending on packaging size, the finalisation of these lines can vary greatly. Tin, tubes and glass packaging are used most often, while for larger filling quantities, wooden and plastic barrels are also used. 

What is important to note is that Jedinstvo, as the company where our engineers began their careers and received their fundamental knowledge as well as their first experience in the processing of tomatoes, previously delivered hundreds of these production lines to numerous countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and even to several countries in South America. 

Today, Sinitech continues to nurture the tradition of tomato processing that is strong in this region, and offers production lines just as good as those once offered by Jedinstvo, though now enriched with new technologies and different levels of automatization, depending on the requirements and needs of our Clients.

Danas Sinitech Industries, sa punom odgovornošću prema bogatoj tradiciji prerade rajčice koja potječe sa ovih prostora, nudi jednako tako dobre proizvodne linije kao nekada Jedinstvo, oplemenjene novim tehnologijama i različitim nivoima automatizacije, ovisno o zahtjevima i potrebama naših Kupaca.

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